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Polyurethane based adhesives:
1. Hot bonded PU adhesives( solid )
 2. Solvent less binders for cork, wood and rubber agglomerates.
 3. Solvent based adhesives for various applications.
 4. Polyurethane (PU) dispersion based adhesives.

Silicone based adhesives and sealants:
1. Various silicone sealants
Cyanoacrylate based adhesives:
1. Various cyanoacrylates in different viscosities (bulk as well small packing).
Rubber based adhesives:
1. Solvent based synthetic rubber adhesives for various applications ( Shoe, furniture, upholstery, automobile etc.)

Epoxy resin based adhesives:
1. Epoxy putties.
2. Two component Epoxy adhesives for various application.

 Range of adhesives for belting industry:
1. Imported adhesives for belt splicing
1. Range of primer/primer raw materials for various substrate.
Rubber/Polyurethane to metal/other substrates:
CILBOND range of bonding agents.
For further details please use the Bonding agent selection guide

We are one of the largest suppliers of adhesive raw materials for solvent based adhesives.  The solution to all your adhesive related problems lies in our full technical backup . Even if you are not using our adhesive raw materials, we would very gladly and without any obligation try to offer our technical assistance. We also offer a large number of technologies for adhesives and adhesive related products. We only offer adhesive products which are environmental friendly. Our company encourages new innovation in adhesive technology that contribute towards a greener Earth and cleaner environment


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