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Rubber all around us. We are so used to see rubber articles around us, that we tend to forget the large amount of R&D that go into design of a rubber . The large variety of rubber is testimony to man's quest for continuously searching for the best; from finding newer ways of improving natural rubber's qualities to inventing newer polymers.
Bharat Enterprises always tries to provide the customers with rubbers that are manufactured with cutting edge and at the same time proven technologies. 
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Polychloroprene is especially resistant to oil. It was the first synthetic elastomers, or rubber to be a hit commercially. Polychloroprene is made from the monomer chloroprene. Polychloroprene is also called CR .Presently we offer the following grades:



CR-244 Special chloroprene rubber of high-crystallization rate made by polymerizing the emulsion with non sulfur modifier and with Lomar PW as disperser.
CR-320 Chloroprene rubber of low crystallization rate made by polymerizing the emulsion with sulphur and modifier d biisoropy Xanthogenateand petroleum sodium sulfonate as disperser.
CR-232 chloroprene rubber of medium crystallization rate, a variety of general purpose rubber , made by polymerizing the emulsion with petroleum sodium sulfonate as disperser and non-sulfur modifier as modifier as modification agent
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